Stereotypical behaviours by horses in stables is obviously due to boredom causing stress (video)

Stereotypical horse behaviors in stables due to stress

It seems extraordinary to me that at one point in time perhaps not that long ago so-called experts in horse behaviour did not have the common sense to understand that when a horse behaves in a stereotypical way as seen in the video that they …

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Collar for dogs acts like an Apple watch to monitor health and location

Invoxia's smart dog collar

It’s been dubbed an “Apple watch for dogs”. It is a collar containing sensors which can monitor your dog and track their location. It seems to me to be a GPS collar with added functionality to monitor the health of a medium-sized and large dogs. …

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Shelter dogs are generally still anxious after their first 12 days

Shelter dogs are normally restless and stressed for at least 12 days from entry at the shelter

A study from Utrecht University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine researched the extent of anxiety among dogs who been rescued and placed in animal shelters. They used night cameras and a small activity tracker on the dogs’ collars and cortisol measurements in the urine both of …

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