Springer Spaniel guided owner to her lost cat who had fallen down a mine shaft six days earlier

Daisy and Mowgli

Daisy, a springer spaniel, as being called a ‘hero hound’ mimicking Lassie. It is indeed a storyline worthy of the well-known animal film star Lassie. Michele Rose, 59, lives with Daisy, the springer spaniel and Mowgli, a black-and-white cat and Baloo another cat. Mowgli went …

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Newt-sniffing dogs save time, money and lives

In the UK, the great crested newt is protected under European law. The species is quite widespread across the UK. It is illegal to harm them or damage their habitat. This presents a problem to building developers in planning applications. They have to apply for …

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Dog demonstrates rational thought, commonsense, empathy and altruism in saving another dog from drowning

Dog demonstrates altruism, commonsense, rational thought and empathy in saving another dog from drowning

Sentience? Who questions that dogs are not sentient? Perhaps not many people but a lot of people don’t give it any thought or insufficient thought. A lot of people don’t know what the word means. And this little video reminds us that dogs are very …

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“She’s my heart. She fits right on it” – man talks about his dog

Three great brothers

The words used by this great guy are so intense in describing his relationship with one of his two dogs. He’s talking about his deaf dog who looks after his other dog who is deaf and blind. It’s amazing. He uses sign language to communicate …

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Cultural sensitivities allow Vietnamese dog meat traders to barbarically kill dogs

Dog in cage in Vietnam waiting to be brutally slaughtered for their flesh to feed humans

Twitter understands me! Whenever I go to Twitter, they offer up to me images that incense me. They drive me to blog about them. To rage inside. To cry inside. To feel powerless. To feel impotent. I can’t stop this Vietnamese dog cruelty. Just writing …

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Hand of GOD or hand of DOG? Woman’s Doberman finds one in 22 million match!

Katie James right and Lucy Humphrey with Indie in the middle

This is a good feel story about two women and a Doberman dog. It starts off, for me, with Lucy Humphrey, 44, who was looking for a kidney donor because her kidneys were failing as a result of suffering from lupus, an autoimmune disease. The …

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Rescue team honour the life of a rescue dog killed when searching for survivors of Turkey’s earthquakes

Rescue crews give a rescue dog killed when searching for survivors of Turkey's earthquakes a ceremonial send-off

Rescuers gave a rescue dog killed when searching for survivors of Turkey’s earthquakes a ceremonial sendoff. ‘Proteo’ was a rescue dog working with the Mexican Red Cross in searching for survivors after the Turkey and Syrian earthquakes. He died after helping to find two survivors. …

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