Boss sat on her horse while conducting a meeting about childcare with employees standing

Charlotte Holloway and partner

A boss conducted a meeting about childcare while remaining on her horse and the employees standing around her. This was deemed to demonstrate an attitude that was not conducive to compromise and contributed to a groom successfully winning £18,700 in compensation for being discriminated against …

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American sweets are toxic to kids and millions are imported into the UK

American sweets imported into the UK such as Jolly Rancher contain additives which are illegal in the UK such as erythrosine which can cause hyperactivity in children.

The standard of manufacturer of American sweets is lower than in Great Britain. There is a worrying development in Great Britain because you might have noticed that there are many American candy stores dotted around the country particularly in London where, frankly, they’ve been outlawed …

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3 steps to the end of your world: isolation, synchronised chaos and civil war

Three stages to anarchy

In The Times today, there’s an article with the title, “Four meals away from anarchy”. It jogged my memory because I watched a film yesterday, Leave the World Behind, which is currently in the news media and which stars one of my favourite actresses, Julia …

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Risk of diabetes rises when eating red meat twice weekly

Two portions per day of red meat including processed meats such as burgers and sausages increases the risk of developing type II diabetes by 62% according to an American study from Harvard University.

The Times reports today on a study which found that eating red meat twice a week significantly increases the risk of developing type II diabetes. It’s the most recent study to identify a link between red meat and diabetes. The scientists work out of Harvard …

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