Pigs are more altruistic in behavior than humans

Pigs help trapped pig to escape

Altruism: behaviour of an animal that benefits another at its own expense. OR: selfless concern for the well-being of others. In other words, altruism is helping others without necessarily looking for a reward in return. It is an act of giving. However, an interesting aspect of …

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Is China trying to produce animal serial killers?!

Young serial killers of China

This short video is on Twitter where there is a lot freedom thanks to Elon Musk to publish videos that would be barred on sites such as mine because my hosting company don’t allow it. People don’t realise how heavily I am censored by a …

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Reason why killer whales are ramming boats off Spain, Portugal and Shetland?

Orca photo by Jeanne Hyde

I think we need to get to the bottom of this ongoing behavior of killer whales (orcas) ramming boats firstly off Spain and Portugal and more recently off Shetland, in the North Sea. It is believed that the killer whales in the south have passed …

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Apes copied humans fighting at a Beijing zoo

Apes copy (imitate) human actions

OPINION: The story is that a group of visitors to a zoo in Beijing, China – the Beijing Wildlife Park – started to physically fight, including women as you can see in the infographic below. It was over a triviality but what is not trivial …

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Highway robbery in Thailand as elephants stop trucks carrying sugar cane for a bite

Elephant in Thailand waits by side of road for a sugar cane truck and stops it to take a bite

This elephant waits by the side of the road where there is a sign saying “CAUTION ELEPHANT CROSSING”. I guess they realise that they have a right of way at this point. He/she is waiting for a truck carrying sugar cane, a favorite food. When …

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Ape vine twizzling is equivalent to humans getting drunk

Ape vine twizzling

An interesting scientific study has come to the conclusion that after a hard day’s work, apes like to hang onto a vine and twizzle around i.e. spin around so that they become dizzy because it alters their consciousness in the same way that alcohol alters …

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