In Slovakia, there have been two recent bear attacks within a span of three days

Brown bear walks down a street in the Slovakian town of Liptovsky Mikulas where it attacked five people but not very seriously according to reports

In Slovakia, there have been two recent bear attacks within a span of three days: The situation is concerning, and authorities are actively addressing it. Residents are advised to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to avoid further incidents. Sources: 6 internet sources including the BBC and …

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Woman feels glad to be alive after being attacked by a snake AND a hawk simultaneously

Woman attacked by a snake and a hawk in Texas

NEWS AND COMMENT-Texas, USA: Peggy Jones, 64, feels that she is lucky to be alive after – in a very strange and unusual incident – she was attacked by both a snake and a hawk simultaneously. She was mowing her backyard lawn. Something very normal …

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Reason why killer whales are ramming boats off Spain, Portugal and Shetland?

Orca photo by Jeanne Hyde

I think we need to get to the bottom of this ongoing behavior of killer whales (orcas) ramming boats firstly off Spain and Portugal and more recently off Shetland, in the North Sea. It is believed that the killer whales in the south have passed …

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Cuckoos are out of sync with their victims’ nesting clocks due to global warming

The cuckoo

Cuckoos travelling to the UK are out of sync with their victims’ nesting clocks due to global warming which is bringing spring earlier. Scientific American reported last year that spring in the UK arrived a month earlier than in the 1980s and that the trend …

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Dog bites are more common in the warmer weather

20 per cent increase in dog bites in UK over past 20 years

A study has found that dog bites are more common in warmer weather. This correlates with the fact that humans generally are more aggressive during warmer weather (more boozing?!). It also correlates with revolutions anecdotally appearing to happen more in the summer (good weather makes …

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Barbaric tradition of setting a bull’s horns alight leaves one man seriously injured

This is a Spanish tradition. As I have said many times before ‘cultural traditions’ in any country should be dumped or banned if they constitute animal cruelty by any decent measure and/or if they are dangerous for the participants. Often cultural traditions go back hundreds …

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Everyone needs to learn about speciesism and ask tough questions


Is speciesism at the root of the human-to-animal problem; the abuse and cruelty? And, from my perspective, there is a problem with our relationship with animals. Not all of it is bad that’s obvious because there are hundreds of millions of great people who are …

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