An internet-famous stag, fed croissants by tourists, had to be euthanized

A stag that gained fame on social media was euthanized after tourists fed it croissants and sweet treats.

Callum, known as a “well-known character” in the North West Highlands, had to be put down due to health complications.

Callum the Stag eating croissants
Callum the Stag eating croissants and/or pastries. Image: Twitter.

The stag was a regular sight at Beinn Eighe Reserve and often encountered visitors in the parking lot, posing for photographs. Reports indicated that visitors fed him inappropriate food, leading to dental issues and an inability to forage.

A spokesperson for the National Trust for Scotland conveyed to the Ross-Shire Journal: “It is with sadness that we announce, based on expert advice, the humane euthanasia of Callum the Stag, a familiar presence in the Torridon car park. His loss will be felt by the community and visitors alike. As a conservation charity, we prioritize animal welfare, and the decision was deemed the most compassionate. The assessment revealed Callum was in pain and discomfort due to poor body and coat condition, as well as arthritis.”

In 2020, tourists were cautioned against offering whiskey to red deer in Glen Coe amid reports of intoxication.

Callum had become a beloved attraction for travelers on the North Coast 500 route and an online celebrity. YouTube videos depicted the stag being fed croissants, Rice Krispies, strawberries, and apples.

With his foraging ability compromised, it is understood that Callum depended on local residents for sustenance during the winter.

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  1. A great shame that human behavior seen as ‘acts of kindness’ ended up killing the recipient. A lesson to be learned here, I think. People in general like to help wild animals which is great but sometimes it can backfire and achieve the opposite.

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