Salami seller shot a friendly, rare bear in Italy and received death threats

Amarena a rare Mariscan bear shot dead

NEWS AND VIEWS – San Sebastiano Dei Marsi, Abruzzo, Italy: Yes, the killer of a village bear is receiving death threats. The man, Andrea Leombruni, is also receiving police protection after he opened fire with a shotgun on Thursday night when Amarena, and her two …

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Russia uses crude circus animal tricks to entertain emotionally bruised kids in occupied Ukraine

Beaver trained to do tricks in a Russian circus in Mariupol, occupied Ukraine

NEWS AND STRONG VIEWS – RUSSIAN INVASION OF UKRAINE: The Russians are at it again; demonstrating their crude and backward attitudes. It is a pretty backward and unsophisticated nation, isn’t it? The Kremlin being unsatisfied in bombing Ukrainian civilians to death in their many thousands, …

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Did Charles III wear a real bearskin hat at trooping the colour?

Is King Charles III wearing a real bearskin hat at trooping the colour?

As far as I know King Charles III wore a genuine bearskin hat at trooping the colour today (17th June 2023) as he led the way on his black horse (Canadian steed ‘Noble’). If so, he is doing his role as the monarch a disservice. …

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