Are hydrogen cars more environmentally friendly than EVs?

Are hydrogen cars better for the environment than EVs?

Are hydrogen cars more environmentally friendly than EVs? I don’t know and there is a difference of opinion between the experts so how are we, the public, to know? This science is going to very complicated and to decide which is better, EVs or hydrogen …

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Mr Bean accused of undermining EV market BUT he is correct in his criticisms

Rowan Atkinson has allegedly undermined the electric vehicle market with his criticisms but I would argue that he is correct

NEWS AND COMMENT: Rowan Atkinson is famous for playing the character he created, Mr Bean; the hapless and mute cartoon character who has entertained millions. But Ron Atkinson is a very smart guy with an Oxbridge degree in electrical engineering as I recall. And he …

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UK watchdog, CMA, to investigate Unilever greenwashing

CMA investigate alleged Unilever greenwashing

NEWS AND COMMENT: Greenwashing is becoming or has become an important part of large commercial organisations. If they can’t genuinely make their products more environmentally friendly at least they can present the idea that they are environmentally friendly to the greater public through advertisements and …

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The moon is becoming polluted with human detritus

The moon is becoming polluted with human detritus and it will no doubt become worse over the next 30 or so years.

Unsatisfied with catastrophically polluting planet Earth by discharging billions of tons of plastic into the oceans and, equally, billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, humankind has turned its attention to the moon where after six manned missions exploring its surface they’ve left …

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Retired lawyer and university professor shoots dead on camera two environmental campaigners who had blocked the road

Darlington shoots the first campaigner. He shoots the second soon afterwards.

NEWS AND COMMENT: This shooting took place on the Pan-American Highway in the Chame district about 50 miles north-west of the capital, Panama City. The story is extraordinary and appears to be an example of a respectable man totally losing his cool. The shooting was …

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Young people insufficiently motivated by Greta Thunberg’s efforts to curb climate change

Kids depressed over climate change

NEWS AND COMMENT: There is a rather disturbing report in the news today based upon a study which tells us that young people are less likely to take action to reduce their carbon footprint than older British citizens. Worryingly, they are substantially less likely compared …

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Hybrid wind-powered cargo ship is the beginning of net-zero international shipping

The Canopee, a hybrid cargo ship of the future

Shipping powered by diesel engines pollute the environment. This includes air pollution, water pollution and acoustic and oil pollution. It is said that ships are responsible for more than 18% of nitrogen oxides pollution and 3% of greenhouse gas emissions. It is said that this …

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