Mystery of serial offender dumping animal carcasses in villages?

Serial offender may be dumping animal bodies in villages

Residents in Broughton, Hampshire were left shocked and disturbed when dozens of dead animals were callously dumped outside a village shop. This incident marks the second sick attack targeting the area. The gruesome scene included bloodied carcasses strewn across the streets and pavements, with an eerie twist: the offenders had impaled an owl and kestrel on the …

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Labour party promises to eliminate foxhunting for good to win over rural voters

Labour vows to end foxhunting for good and win over rural voters when elected at the next general election

As a freethinking animal advocate, I am delighted to read that the Labour Party in the UK has promised to end foxhunting for good within its first term after the forthcoming general election which Labour is expected to win with a substantial majority. Polls indicate …

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Nadine Dorries claims that a senior anonymous adviser to Rishi Sunak cut up a rabbit and nailed it to the family’s home

Nadine Dorries

The headline sounds startling and it is. Online news media is reporting that Nadine Dorries, a former cabinet minister in the UK government, has made some extraordinary accusations in her book entitled: The Plot: the Political Assassination of Boris Johnson. It’s being sterilised in the …

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