Yak attacks hiking woman in Nepal

Yak as created by Bing's Copilot

Here is a summary of the event: Emma Keen, a 42-year-old British woman, was gored by a yak while hiking near Mount Everest. The attack occurred as she was Face Timing her family, leaving her with a severe three-inch gash in her leg. Despite the …

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National Crime Agency trained dogs to sniff the rubber of dinghies smuggled across the border between Bulgaria and Turkey

Dogs trained to sniff rubber deployed at the border crossing between Turkey and Bulgaria to detect dinghies used in people smuggling from France to the UK

NEWS AND COMMENT: In a further attempt to slow down the large number of illegal migrants crossing the English Channel from northern France to Kent in rubber dinghies provided by people smugglers, the British government is in discussions with Bulgaria and Turkey in seizing rubber …

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Greta Thunberg pleaded not guilty to a public order offence at Westminster Magistrates’ Court

Greta Thunberg pushed and shoved as she enters court to plead not guilty

NEWS AND COMMENT: Greta Thunberg was arrested at a climate change protest near the Intercontinental Hotel in Mayfair on 17th October, as were other protesters. She’s brave like that. Today she attended the Westminster Magistrates’ Court where she pleaded not guilty to breaching section 14 …

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Springer Spaniel guided owner to her lost cat who had fallen down a mine shaft six days earlier

Daisy and Mowgli

Daisy, a springer spaniel, as being called a ‘hero hound’ mimicking Lassie. It is indeed a storyline worthy of the well-known animal film star Lassie. Michele Rose, 59, lives with Daisy, the springer spaniel and Mowgli, a black-and-white cat and Baloo another cat. Mowgli went …

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Retired lawyer and university professor shoots dead on camera two environmental campaigners who had blocked the road

Darlington shoots the first campaigner. He shoots the second soon afterwards.

NEWS AND COMMENT: This shooting took place on the Pan-American Highway in the Chame district about 50 miles north-west of the capital, Panama City. The story is extraordinary and appears to be an example of a respectable man totally losing his cool. The shooting was …

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Nadine Dorries claims that a senior anonymous adviser to Rishi Sunak cut up a rabbit and nailed it to the family’s home

Nadine Dorries

The headline sounds startling and it is. Online news media is reporting that Nadine Dorries, a former cabinet minister in the UK government, has made some extraordinary accusations in her book entitled: The Plot: the Political Assassination of Boris Johnson. It’s being sterilised in the …

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Mice let loose in McDonald’s as a pro-Palestinian protest

Painted mice in pro-Palestinian protest at McDonald's

At a couple of McDonald’s restaurants, a pro-Palestinian activist or activists let loose dozens of mice because they believe that McDonald’s supports the “Israeli apartheid”. The event happened in West Midlands, specifically Birmingham. The mice were coloured in green, white and red of the Palestinian …

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