Mice let loose in McDonald’s as a pro-Palestinian protest

Painted mice in pro-Palestinian protest at McDonald's

At a couple of McDonald’s restaurants, a pro-Palestinian activist or activists let loose dozens of mice because they believe that McDonald’s supports the “Israeli apartheid”. The event happened in West Midlands, specifically Birmingham. The mice were coloured in green, white and red of the Palestinian …

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In 2023 animal abuse is being hidden from the world as videos and images are banned on the internet

Animal abuse needs to be aired and discussed not forced underground by internet hosting companies

In the modern woke, snowflake world animal abuse images and videos are being hidden away from Internet users. They can’t see them anymore. Internet users see a censored world. They don’t see reality but a sanitised version of it. Although Twitter seems to be quite …

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Alleged sadistic dog abuser and ‘murderer’ sacked his attorney and perjured himself

Alleged dog killer in pre-trial court hearing denies killing the dog on purpose

Well, this is an interesting video as it shows an alleged dog abuser and killer in a pre-trial court hearing representing himself as he sacked his attorney. This gave him the opportunity to allegedly perjure himself. I use the word ‘allegedly’ and ‘alleged’ to protect …

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People rescue a great white shark that beached itself chasing a seagull (video)

Shark rescued from beech at Cape Code.

Location: Cape Cod, Massachusetts. How did they know it was chasing a seagull and got too excited! And are sharks sometimes this careless? Was the shark ill? Or did they lose their bearings because of sonar used by submarines? A lot of questions and no …

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Cotswold fox hunters accused of burying a lactating female fox alive in prepared hole

Vixen pulled alive from hole in the ground

NEWS AND OPINION-UK: This news item has just been released. It shows once again the brutality of foxhunting which has been banned in the UK but which is sometimes circumvented using illegal practices by some foxhunting groups. At this moment this is an allegation please …

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