Duke and Duchess of Sussex accused of being eco-hypocrites for flying in a private jet to Katy Perry concert

Prince Harry in Africa

This might be a little bit cruel on Harry and Meghan but I can see where the criticism is coming from. Harry, 39, has said in the past that, “I spend 99% of my life travelling the world by commercial. Occasionally there needs to be …

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China’s coal burning killing upwards of 64,000 babies in the womb each year

China has conflicting policies

NEWS AND OPINION: A Chinese study has found that China’s polluted air is killing upwards of 64,000 babies in the womb each year. The research comes from Peking University and is published in Nature Communications. China is ranked fourth in the world for the deaths …

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An example of a cosy wood-burning stove causing asthma in a Times journalist

Wood burner

I can think of two problems with wood-burning stoves (a) human health problems and (b) climate change problems. And let’s be clear, wood-burning stoves look great. They make the home look cosy. It’s a real fire and the heat and the flickering glow is best …

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The Mayor of London’s Ulez scheme reduces nitrogen dioxide by less than 3%

NEWS AND VIEWS: There are many people who believe that the Mayor of London’s Ulez scheme is about making money and that it will not significantly improve the air quality in London. The Times has a report on Monday, August 21, 2023 which supports that …

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You share the air with all other living creatures both present and historical

We breathe the air from Julius Caesar's last breath!

At the moment, there is a philosophical debate on the Internet around Sam Kean’s book, Caesar’s Last Breath. The title continues with the following words: “Decoding the Secrets of the Air around Us”. He has a fascinating concept. Julius Caesar was murdered on March 15, …

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Record number of people are ditching cigarettes improving the air that their pets breathe

Cat smoking a cigarette

Thousands of cats and dogs will be breathing cleaner air thanks to coronavirus. Covid-19 has scared a lot of smokers into stopping. It’s reported that more than 643,000 smokers in England quit in the 12 months to August which compares very favourably with 307,000 in …

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