Networking volunteers organise crossing guard for cygnets in Bishop’s Waltham

Volunteer ladies and gentlemen organise a crossing guard for cygnets in Bishop's Waltham and Hampshire, UK.

This is a beautiful little story about the animal-to-human relationship. It is a very positive one which warms my heart. My heart needs warming at the moment because there are far too many disastrous stories circulating among news media outlets on the Internet and in …

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UK Competitions and Markets Authority review veterinary market over consolidation of the industry

The ONS in the UK say that veterinary service prices have increased by 12.5% in September 2023 compared to the same time last year.

Almost 66% of British households have a pet with the number having increased substantially during and since Covid. In parallel, the cost of owning a cat or dog or indeed a rabbit has been rising sharply. UK veterinary services are worth £2 billion. According to …

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Tying up your dog outside the supermarket is illegal in Spain (€10,000 fine!)

A crime in Spain to leave your dog tied up outside the supermarket

The Times reports a rather surprising animal welfare law which apparently has just come into force in Spain which makes tying up your dog outside the supermarket while you pop in a crime. And it’s punishable by a hefty fine of a maximum €10,000 ($10,500). …

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Non-human animals are subjected to a 3 trillion holocaust every year

Holocaust used to describe the killing of 3 trillion animals annually for human consumption

Piers Morgan objects to the use of the word ‘holocaust’ when describing the brutal killing of 3 trillion individual animals every year for human consumption because he says it will offend people. The impressive young woman in the video below makes a good argument for …

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In 2023 animal abuse is being hidden from the world as videos and images are banned on the internet

Animal abuse needs to be aired and discussed not forced underground by internet hosting companies

In the modern woke, snowflake world animal abuse images and videos are being hidden away from Internet users. They can’t see them anymore. Internet users see a censored world. They don’t see reality but a sanitised version of it. Although Twitter seems to be quite …

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The most frightening film you can watch is what happens to animals destined to become “meat”

Become vegan

Become a vegan. Even though I was raised on meat and two veg and therefore it is deeply embedded in my psyche, I am gradually tearing myself away from that state of mind. This picture is mind bending. It gave me goose bumps. It pushed …

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Baby goat petting sessions ‘goat yoga’ are an exploitation of animals

Baby goat cuddling aka goat yoga is animal exploitation

PETA have referred to goat petting as “goat yoga”. When they coined that phrase, they were referring to an Australian petting zoo which provided goat yoga sessions and which was facing 10 animal cruelty charges due to poor husbandry. The PETA report was published on …

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Nestlé Purina donate £100,000 to Cats Protection but they also animal test

Purina pet food and disaster assistance

I’ll do the animal testing bit first which I find contradictory to their £100,000 donation to Cats Protection which will provide a million meals for unwanted cats. Purina’s website tells me that they provide grants and sponsorships in many areas of animal welfare. With respect …

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