These are the recent articles. Please share this page. The underlying purpose of this site is to improve animal welfare. This site is an extension of PoC, a site dedicated to the welfare of cats; domestic, stray, feral and wild. I report and comment on current news stories regarding the relationship between animals and people in the context of animal welfare in addition to writing articles on animal behavior.

Miranda Hart sadness on passing of her dog Peggy

Miranda Hart’s sadness at the passing of her beloved dog Peggy

Miranda Hart, 48, had an incredibly close relationship with her dog Peggy. For international visitors i.e. those who do not ...
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20 per cent increase in dog bites in UK over past 20 years

Big increase in dog bite victims needing hospital treatment in UK

There's been a tripling over 20 years in the number of adults admitted to hospital for dog bites. The cost ...
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Red setter attacks deer in Richmond Park

Red setter dog attacks a deer in Richmond Park

This is an unsurprising story for me because I visit Richmond Park almost daily. I often see dogs off the ...
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Are camels dangerous?

Well, the answer is pretty obvious and that is that camels can be dangerous. It's an interesting discussion because we ...
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Is it legal to own a raccoon in Texas?

It is perfectly legal to own or have custody of a raccoon in Texas. There is no law preventing a ...
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Is it legal to own a hyena in Texas?

Is it legal to own a hyena in Texas? The answer depends upon who you are and whether you are ...
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Rural police Notts

Buzzards allegedly intentionally killed in Kneeton, Nottinghamshire

In the UK it is a crime to intentionally kill or injure birds of prey under the Wildlife and Countryside ...
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Former head of HR at BBC drowned trying to save his dog

Gareth Jones, 69, a married father of three and a former head of HR at the BBC under Greg Dyke, ...
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Compostable dog poop bags are good for the environment

Getting rid of dog poo in an environmentally friendly way

I don't know about you but on my walks around the area where I live I not infrequently see small, ...
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Father dog carries biscuit to his son

Father dog gives biscuit to his son because he thought he didn’t get one

A cute dog video. There are two versions on the page because the Reddit version is badly formatted and the ...
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Pet microchip

Organised criminals cut microchips from stolen dogs

Since the beginning of 2019 dog thefts have increased by a factor of 2.5. In one database of stolen dogs ...
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Greater spotted woodpecker

Woodpeckers don’t get their beaks stuck for this reason

Research has discovered why woodpeckers don't get their beaks stuck in the tree that they are pecking when digging around ...
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Electrophorus voltai - Electric eel

Electric eels recorded for the first time hunting in packs

For the first time electric eels have been recorded hunting in packs and scientists believe that it is an extraordinary ...
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Hunter-gatherers of Tanzania 2020

Hunter-gatherers mirror the behaviour of mammals and birds in the same area

The human is the human-animal. We need to remind ourselves of that. It is unsurprising, therefore, that scientists have concluded ...
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Stoat trap

Stoat traps in Orkney sabotaged

Orkney police are investigating a number of incidents in which stoat traps have been sabotaged. They were destroyed or stolen ...
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Mike Jasper's dog Ted stolen in an unpleasant theft

Demand for ‘lockdown pets’ results in more distressing thefts of dogs

There is an increased demand for "lockdown pets". These are companion animals designed to keep people company during these frequent ...
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