Texas is getting rid of chained dogs

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Dogs chained in front of houses without any shelter and without proper nutrition and water should be a thing of the past in Texas, USA. This is because a bill banning chain leashes for dogs has passed one body of the Texas legislature, the Senate. It now has to pass the House of Representatives. Animal • Read More »

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The skinny whales of the Salish Sea

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Orca photo by Jeanne Hyde

The killer whales of the Salish Sea, which lies between mainland Washington state and Vancouver Island, are sometimes skinny. They are undernourished, underfed and starving. They have “peanut heads” and they suffer an increased chance of dying. And they are disappearing. The whale spotters in that area such as Jeanne Hyde are noticing that they • Read More »


Why do foxes polarise opinions?

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I can’t tell you how often I have spoken to a neighbour about foxes when they’ve told me that they are pests and I shouldn’t feed them. They just don’t like them. I love them. This polarisation of opinion between two people, myself and my neighbour, is mirrored across the UK and I suspect that • Read More »


Puppy finds quiet corner for a snooze

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Dog finds quiet corner for a snooze

Another cute snooze position. Cats do this sometimes too. It shows how companion animals don’t really understand the human home. You just would not choose this spot if you did. I remember a stray cat snoozing at the top of an underground escalator with thousands of commuters tip toeing past her. Neither the cat nor • Read More »


Paper receipts, amounting to 53,000 trees, discarded annually in Britain

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Briton’s discarded or lost about 10 billion receipts in 2018. This is the equivalent of destroying Sherwood forest, the famous forest occupied by Robin Hood, you may remember. It is staggering to think that annually Britain’s throwaway, in the form of paper receipts, the equivalent of 53,000 trees. And this in an era of digital • Read More »