Bad space weather throws Baltimore Oriole off route during migration

Baltimore oriole's navigation during migration is upset by bad space weather

“Bad space weather” refers to the sun spitting out vast globules of charged plasma towards planet Earth which has the power sometimes to knock out communication satellites and also the power to mess up the Baltimore Oriole’s navigation system when they migrate. I understand this …

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Northern bald ibises taught to migrate south by surrogate mothers piloting microlights

Northern bald ibis

This is a great story all about the best in humankind. The northern bald ibis was hunted to extinction in Europe in the Middle Ages. The bird habitually migrates south from northern Europe, as I understand it. A project concerning the conservation of this bird …

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Putting spikes on tree branches to stop birds perching is callous

Putting spikes on tree branches to stop birds perching is callous and insensitive

Ninety-nine percent of the world’s human population love birds. But it seems that some administrators of buildings, in order to keep the building free of bird poop, decide to stick spiky devices on their building and sometimes even the branches of trees near the building. …

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