Badgers do not spread bovine TB to cattle as explained by Sir Brian May of rock band Queen

Brian May

Sir Brian May is a very accomplished English musician, songwriter, singer, astrophysicist and animal rights activist. I love the way he fights for animal rights. He does a lot of it and he has a voice thanks to the fact that he was the lead guitarist of the …

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Employees of a fox hunt run by King Charles’s friend allegedly filled in badger setts (a crime)

Lord Daresbury

NEWS AND COMMENT: According to The Times, a very reliable source, Lord Daresbury is a longstanding friend of the present monarch of the United Kingdom and 14 Commonwealth realms, King Charles III. King Charles and Lord Daresbury go back a long way. When foxhunting was …

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Badgers become grave robbers

Badgers dig up bones from nearby graveyard and dump them on grandma's front garden

Ann Mathers, 88, lives in a terraced house in Dudley, West Midlands, UK. She was scared to death and feared that there had been a murder when a human skull and bones started to appear in her garden. She called the police. She found several …

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