Why don’t abused dogs turn on and attack their abusive owners?

She just wants to love on everybody now she's been saved from her abusive owner

The reason why I have asked the question in the title is because I see too many dog rescue videos in which the narrative is that the dog has been abused by their previous owner. The dog has been rescued and is going through a …

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Danger! Dog groomer uses long, curved scissors to trim the hair in front of a puppy’s eyes

Puppy has the hair in front of his eyes trimmed so he can see

Maybe it is just me. Maybe when you get to the advanced age of 73 you see a potential danger in almost anything you do. This is because over those 73 years you have learnt about all the dangers, some of which have affected you. …

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30 per cent of British dog buyers don’t care if their dog was imported illegally

Cockapoos are popular during the pandemic lockdown

UNITED KINGDOM-NEWS AND COMMENT: A survey of 200 dog buyers carried out by the charity Dogs Trust informs us that, currently, almost one third of purchasers of companion dogs are not interested if the dog that they want to adopt has been illegally imported. They …

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