UK farmers still overusing antibiotics and legislation is needed to stop it

Antibiotics overused on UK farms recklessly

NEWS AND COMMENT: Lord Goldsmith of Richmond Park, has claimed that UK farmers are irresponsibly and recklessly overusing antibiotics where this extravagant use of a precious drug remains legal because UK ministers have failed to stand up to vested interests by which he means farmers’ …

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Cigarette-style warnings on meat products could reduce meat consumption

Cigarette style warning on meat products curbs eating them

A study has found that adding cigarette-style warnings to meat products could help to put off consumers from buying the products and therefore reduce meat consumption. The research took place at Durham University. The participants were less likely to choose a meal which included meat …

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Risk of diabetes rises when eating red meat twice weekly

Two portions per day of red meat including processed meats such as burgers and sausages increases the risk of developing type II diabetes by 62% according to an American study from Harvard University.

The Times reports today on a study which found that eating red meat twice a week significantly increases the risk of developing type II diabetes. It’s the most recent study to identify a link between red meat and diabetes. The scientists work out of Harvard …

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Kids who live close to dense vineyards risk developing leukaemia because of glyphosate

Glyphosate insecticides used on vineyards can predispose kids to leukaemia if they live nearby

A research project, conducted in France, has concluded that kids who live close to dense vineyards have a higher risk of contracting leukaemia because of the chemicals in the agricultural herbicides sprayed onto the vines. French campaigners who want a 150 metre no-spray buffer zone …

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The delicious taste of bacon outweighs animal welfare

How we treat farm livestock

The photograph on Twitter X says it all: The comments to the image are instructive: But I love bacon… Everyone loves bacon. AND Just had a bacon cheeseburger. Mmmmmm That’s the point: humans won’t give up their bacon and cheeseburgers in the interests of animal …

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Glyphosate-based herbicides are “absolutely fine” according to Britain’s environment secretary. Are they?

Use of glyphosate is demanded by farmers but detested by conservationists

Therese Coffey said that glyphosate-based herbicides are perfectly fine. The commercially available herbicide called Roundup contains a glyphosate-based herbicide and the product is known to be dangerous to wildlife. It seems to me that Therese Coffey has decided that intensive farmers should be supported over …

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Badgers do not spread bovine TB to cattle as explained by Sir Brian May of rock band Queen

Brian May

Sir Brian May is a very accomplished English musician, songwriter, singer, astrophysicist and animal rights activist. I love the way he fights for animal rights. He does a lot of it and he has a voice thanks to the fact that he was the lead guitarist of the …

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