Duke and Duchess of Sussex accused of being eco-hypocrites for flying in a private jet to Katy Perry concert

Prince Harry in Africa

This might be a little bit cruel on Harry and Meghan but I can see where the criticism is coming from. Harry, 39, has said in the past that, “I spend 99% of my life travelling the world by commercial. Occasionally there needs to be …

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Prince William says the world is losing its most precious natural resources “in the name of greed and exploitation”

Prince William

Prince William is currently in Singapore for the third Earthshot prize ceremony. He gave a speech in which he said that the world was losing precious natural resources including of course many iconic species of animal “at a frightening pace, all in the name of …

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Children should be prevented from attending foxhunting activities as it grooms them


NEWS AND COMMENT: A-list celebrities who are animal advocates, namely Ricky Gervais, Twiggy, Sir Mark Rylance, Peter Egan, Amanda Abbington, Gemma Atkinson, the sailor Tracey Edwards, the television presenter Kirsty Gallacher, and the singer Shirley Kemp are urging the British government to ban children from …

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