Vegan activist is allowed to sue employer over his protected beliefs

Generic image of vegan activism

Rafal Mysakowski, an ethical vegan, has been granted permission to sue his former employer, Broxburn Bottlers in West Lothian, Scotland. The case revolves around allegations of discrimination based on his beliefs, unfair dismissal, and detriment due to whistleblowing. Mysakowski’s case is notable as it touches …

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Push to net zero depletes vital nutrients needed by pregnant women

Pregnant women need their vitamins and they vegan diet can leave them short

One way to push towards a ‘net zero world’ – meaning zero global warming emissions (on balance) into the atmosphere – is to convert to a vegan diet. In eating a vegan diet, one doesn’t eat meat or dairy products which means less cows which …

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Cigarette-style warnings on meat products could reduce meat consumption

Cigarette style warning on meat products curbs eating them

A study has found that adding cigarette-style warnings to meat products could help to put off consumers from buying the products and therefore reduce meat consumption. The research took place at Durham University. The participants were less likely to choose a meal which included meat …

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Novak Djokovic is NOT completely vegan

All the websites on the Internet are telling me that Novak Djokovic is a vegan. His diet is certainly fantastic and super-healthy. It requires self-discipline which he has in abundance. However, a recent article in The Times following his victory at The French Open tells …

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Sound up. Male chicks thrown out alive with the garbage. Listen to their cries and remember.

Male chicks thrown out alive with garbage

This is the message that you can’t as a decent meat-eating person ignore: go vegan. And I say that as a meat-eater. But over a period of about 8 years, I have gradually weaned myself of meat. I still eat a small amount of chicken …

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Anti-meat protestors disrupt ceremonial troops wearing bearskins

This is a video of a protest group called Animal Rebellion disrupting a military procession of bearskin-wearing ceremonial troops in the UK marching down The Mall which runs from Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square. It is where all the big processions occur in London and …

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