Kids who live close to dense vineyards risk developing leukaemia because of glyphosate

Glyphosate insecticides used on vineyards can predispose kids to leukaemia if they live nearby

A research project, conducted in France, has concluded that kids who live close to dense vineyards have a higher risk of contracting leukaemia because of the chemicals in the agricultural herbicides sprayed onto the vines. French campaigners who want a 150 metre no-spray buffer zone …

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Frogs are dismembered while alive and discarded to take their legs for consumption

Frogs' legs

NEWS AND COMMENT: Did you realise that the well-known dish that the French love, frogs’ legs in garlic, are the product of mass animal cruelty? That’s what animal activists have said at the world’s biggest celebration of frogs legs in Vittel, eastern France. It is …

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President Macron supports the carte blanche trapping of songbirds by hunters


FRANCE-NEWS AND COMMENT: In a bid to attract the countryside vote for his forthcoming presidential election campaign, President Macron has overturned a ban on the hunting of songbirds such as thrushes, blackbirds and lapwings using traditional methods such as nets, cages and nooses. President Macron …

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