Israel bans the importation of donkeys into Gaza because they are abused there

Gazan donkey

NEWS AND COMMENT: The Washington Post reports that Israel has banned the importation of the much-needed donkeys into Gaza because animal welfare groups have told them that Gaza donkeys are treated very badly. That’s the report and it seems to me that Israel are trying …

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Let’s remember Lolita, the orca held in captivity for 50 years who died just before her release


I would like to remember Lolita, the orca held in captivity for 50 years. She was due to be released into the ocean but instead she suddenly passed away. She never saw the ocean again. Her birthright, her habitat, her place to live from where …

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Non-human animals are subjected to a 3 trillion holocaust every year

Holocaust used to describe the killing of 3 trillion animals annually for human consumption

Piers Morgan objects to the use of the word ‘holocaust’ when describing the brutal killing of 3 trillion individual animals every year for human consumption because he says it will offend people. The impressive young woman in the video below makes a good argument for …

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At $24,000 per pound this sperm whale grease is 16 times more valuable than gold

Sperm whale ambergris

It is mysteriously called ‘ambergris’. It is very rare hence its value. It is also called ‘ambergrease’ or ‘grey amber’. It is solid, waxy and flammable and it resides in 1-5% of the digestive tracts of sperm whales. It is formed by the secretion of …

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Russia uses crude circus animal tricks to entertain emotionally bruised kids in occupied Ukraine

Beaver trained to do tricks in a Russian circus in Mariupol, occupied Ukraine

NEWS AND STRONG VIEWS – RUSSIAN INVASION OF UKRAINE: The Russians are at it again; demonstrating their crude and backward attitudes. It is a pretty backward and unsophisticated nation, isn’t it? The Kremlin being unsatisfied in bombing Ukrainian civilians to death in their many thousands, …

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Barbaric tradition of setting a bull’s horns alight leaves one man seriously injured

This is a Spanish tradition. As I have said many times before ‘cultural traditions’ in any country should be dumped or banned if they constitute animal cruelty by any decent measure and/or if they are dangerous for the participants. Often cultural traditions go back hundreds …

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This is how baby bears are trained for the circus

Young bears being trained for the circus in the most cruel way (China).

Well, depressing as it is, bears are still performing in some circuses. Many circuses have dispensed with animal performers because it has been banned and of course it is cruel as the training of these young bears shows. I sense that most of these objectionable …

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