Frogs are dismembered while alive and discarded to take their legs for consumption

Frogs' legs

NEWS AND COMMENT: Did you realise that the well-known dish that the French love, frogs’ legs in garlic, are the product of mass animal cruelty? That’s what animal activists have said at the world’s biggest celebration of frogs legs in Vittel, eastern France. It is …

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Attractive, smiling Chinese woman eats crunchy grilled dog’s head

Attractive woman eats grilled dog's head. Very crunchy.

Very crunchy and tasty. Why are Europeans squeamish about eating dog’s head? It is a cultural difference as I have mentioned beforeEnergetic and industrious Chinese man prepares and cooks a horse’s head and it is sickening but to see this is particularly difficult because the …

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Energetic and industrious Chinese man prepares and cooks a horse’s head and it is sickening

Industrious Chinese man prepares and cooks a horse's head in the open

I am doing a series of posts about Chinese cuisine in China. To Europeans and North Americans, it can look disgusting. To the Chinese it is normal. The difference is in the attitude towards animals. Many Chinese in China regard animals as utilitarian meaning that …

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