The man who cloned a sheep said it would be criminally irresponsible to clone a human

Sir Ian Wilmut and Dolly the cloned sheep he created

The man who cloned a sheep is Prof Sir Ian Wilmut and he is in The Times obituaries today as she died on September 10, 2023 aged 79 after a long illness. I’m therefore able to say a few words about this embryologist’s famous work …

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Putting spikes on tree branches to stop birds perching is callous

Putting spikes on tree branches to stop birds perching is callous and insensitive

Ninety-nine percent of the world’s human population love birds. But it seems that some administrators of buildings, in order to keep the building free of bird poop, decide to stick spiky devices on their building and sometimes even the branches of trees near the building. …

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What’s wrong with humans? Two tweets of animal cruelty.

What is wrong with humans?

Twitter feeds a customised list of tweets to users. I know that. But it doesn’t make it any easier to digest. What is wrong with humans that they have to be so consistently cruel to animals? A lot of people don’t think about animal cruelty …

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Sport hunter looks like an AH and IS an AH

Sport hunter is an AH

The picture (words added by me) from Twitter sums up what I mean about sport hunters being AHs (arseholes). Yep, I am being rude. Being rude is mild compared to the death and destruction that sport hunters hand out to wildlife often on the African …

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Macedonia’s legalised brutality against stray dogs

Shooting of stray dogs in Macedonia

Struge It has come to my notice that in parts of Macedonia (at least) the authorities have instigated the mass killing of stray dogs by it seems any means possible; often by shooting. For instance, there is a petition on the website after the …

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Everyone needs to learn about speciesism and ask tough questions


Is speciesism at the root of the human-to-animal problem; the abuse and cruelty? And, from my perspective, there is a problem with our relationship with animals. Not all of it is bad that’s obvious because there are hundreds of millions of great people who are …

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Russians say that Britons have to rely on eating squirrel because of a food shortage!

Grey squirrel in Regents Park

NEWS AND OPINION: The host of the Russian talk show 60 Minutes, Olga Skabeyeva, said: “In the once Great Britain it was revealed today that some restaurants will be serving squirrels in view of the fact that there are plenty of animals in the park, …

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