Salami seller shot a friendly, rare bear in Italy and received death threats

Amarena a rare Mariscan bear shot dead

NEWS AND VIEWS – San Sebastiano Dei Marsi, Abruzzo, Italy: Yes, the killer of a village bear is receiving death threats. The man, Andrea Leombruni, is also receiving police protection after he opened fire with a shotgun on Thursday night when Amarena, and her two …

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Sport hunter looks like an AH and IS an AH

Sport hunter is an AH

The picture (words added by me) from Twitter sums up what I mean about sport hunters being AHs (arseholes). Yep, I am being rude. Being rude is mild compared to the death and destruction that sport hunters hand out to wildlife often on the African …

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Nike will stop using kangaroo leather in its products by the end of 2023

Kangaroo leather football boots will no longer be made by Nike by the end of 2023

NEWS AND OPINION: Nike has announced that it will stop using kangaroo leather (K-leather) in all of its products which of course includes football boots, by the end of 2023 and will be using synthetic materials instead for the uppers. Nike is following in the …

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NRA leader’s inept shooting of a Botswana bush elephant was cruel and chaotic

LaPierre stands over the elephant he failed to kill after several shots

The leader of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Wayne LaPierre, was filmed ineptly and chaotically trying to shoot a bush elephant to death in Botswana. The shooting was an attempt to boost the NRA’s standing among hunters according to The New Yorker, which published the …

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