2 psychopathic sport hunting killers in an infographic

2 psychopathic sport hunters

Yes, I have insulted them. Deliberately not carelessly. Yet, my insult is factually correct so they can’t sue me for defamation. Definition of psychopathic: psychopathy is characterised by an extreme lack of empathy. They may lack conscience or guilt, and refuse to accept responsibility for …

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The Lords of England are against a ban on the importation of hunting trophies

Ban trophy hunting imports. The UK wants it to happen now.

NEWS AND VIEWS: This genuinely irritates me to my core. The UK government is trying to pass a law which bans the importation of hunting trophies as trophy hunting is cruel and an activity which is of a bygone age. It negatively impacts conservation in …

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Sport hunter looks like an AH and IS an AH

Sport hunter is an AH

The picture (words added by me) from Twitter sums up what I mean about sport hunters being AHs (arseholes). Yep, I am being rude. Being rude is mild compared to the death and destruction that sport hunters hand out to wildlife often on the African …

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Ontario’s extremist sport hunters enjoy ‘penned dog hunting’

Penned dog hunting in Ontario is cruel and objectionable

This is another form of gratuitous violence against wild animals enjoyed by a small section of society in Ontario, Canada; the extremist sport hunters. They are a blood thirsty lot, aren’t they? Without morals and any vestige of sensitivity towards the sentience of animals. Their …

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