The Lords of England are against a ban on the importation of hunting trophies

NEWS AND VIEWS: This genuinely irritates me to my core. The UK government is trying to pass a law which bans the importation of hunting trophies as trophy hunting is cruel and an activity which is of a bygone age. It negatively impacts conservation in my view. There is no place for it in 20th century Britain. The leaders of the African states where it takes place are up in arms about the proposed ban because they see a lucrative line of income ceasing. They claim that it will harm conservation. This is the old mantra wheeled out by the hunters: their blood thirsty activity aids wild animal conservation in Africa they say. I have never believed it and it is unbelievable as far as I am concerned.

Ban trophy hunting imports. The UK wants it to happen now.
Ban trophy hunting imports. The UK wants it to happen now.

But the Lords of England (‘peers’) sitting in the House of Lords believe the Africa leaders. No doubt they’ve been lobbied to overturn the ban and they might get what they want as there is talk today that the peers may kill the trophy hunting ban.

They want to tweak the proposed law (‘bill’). But in doing so they may kill it as there is limited time allocated to debate this bill.

Ivory poaching over decades led to the evolution of elephants without tusks

Lord Swire says that the UK should work with the African states (see link below) to “put in place the best possible protocols which enhance conservation”. That would fail miserably as the officials and leaders in Africa want the money more than the conservation. ‘Show me the money’ is their mantra. Bearing in mind the catastrophic decline in lion rhino and elephant numbers in Africa over the past 100 years I don’t see a wonderful focus on conservation from the African leaders and their officials. I see animal exploitation. They have the wrong attitude so there is no point talking to them.

Lord Mancroft wants to introduce a small amendment. He said that his amendment would:

“Turn this bill from one that will do much more harm than good into one that will genuinely advance the conservation of vulnerable species.”

He is not being genuine. This is a ploy to scupper the bill. I’d allege that he’s been lobbied by African leaders and also allege that he has received a bung (money) as an inducement. The peers are often the upper crust of the UK. They are distanced from reality. They are often elderly white men. The sort who like ‘country pursuits’ aka killing animals for pleasure. Don’t trust them.

African nations complaining about a lack of consultation on UK’s trophy hunting ban

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