Cuckoos are out of sync with their victims’ nesting clocks due to global warming

The cuckoo

Cuckoos travelling to the UK are out of sync with their victims’ nesting clocks due to global warming which is bringing spring earlier. Scientific American reported last year that spring in the UK arrived a month earlier than in the 1980s and that the trend …

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The Lords of England are against a ban on the importation of hunting trophies

Ban trophy hunting imports. The UK wants it to happen now.

NEWS AND VIEWS: This genuinely irritates me to my core. The UK government is trying to pass a law which bans the importation of hunting trophies as trophy hunting is cruel and an activity which is of a bygone age. It negatively impacts conservation in …

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What is ecocide?

The blowing up of part of the Nova Kakhovka dam during the Ukraine war, which formed the Kakhovskyi reservoir – one of the largest in Europe – was an act of ecocide. The Sunday Times reports on it in their article, “The drowned earth strategy …

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Giant panda edging away from extinction due to Chinese conservation efforts

Giant Panda

The giant panda is, in my words, edging away from the possibility of extinction thanks to captive breeding programs by the Chinese and overall efforts in terms of their conservation. Chinese scientists in China are pleased with the rise in the number of giant pandas. …

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