Russia guilty of ecocide in their illegal invasion of Ukraine

Destroyed trees Ukraine

A lot has been written about Russia’s murder of more than ten thousand innocent civilians (and 17,000 injured) as a consequence of their illegal invasion of Ukraine when shelling and bombing apartment blocks for instance or through individual executions. And their forced deportation of children …

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Russia uses crude circus animal tricks to entertain emotionally bruised kids in occupied Ukraine

Beaver trained to do tricks in a Russian circus in Mariupol, occupied Ukraine

NEWS AND STRONG VIEWS – RUSSIAN INVASION OF UKRAINE: The Russians are at it again; demonstrating their crude and backward attitudes. It is a pretty backward and unsophisticated nation, isn’t it? The Kremlin being unsatisfied in bombing Ukrainian civilians to death in their many thousands, …

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Discussing animal welfare almost pointless when Putin raises spectre of nuclear war

Putin raises the spectre of nuclear war in Europe

NEWS AND VIEWS: The terrorist state called Russia, run by the paranoid dictator Putin and his sidekick Medvedev may lead us to nuclear war and at the least the destruction of vital undersea cables serving the UK, Europe and the US. Putin has been threatening …

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What is ecocide?

The blowing up of part of the Nova Kakhovka dam during the Ukraine war, which formed the Kakhovskyi reservoir – one of the largest in Europe – was an act of ecocide. The Sunday Times reports on it in their article, “The drowned earth strategy …

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Russians say that Britons have to rely on eating squirrel because of a food shortage!

Grey squirrel in Regents Park

NEWS AND OPINION: The host of the Russian talk show 60 Minutes, Olga Skabeyeva, said: “In the once Great Britain it was revealed today that some restaurants will be serving squirrels in view of the fact that there are plenty of animals in the park, …

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Picture of dog who survived Russia’s genocidal attacks on civilians breaks my heart

A dog that miraculously survived today’s attacks lies in the ruins of the house in which his owners died

The caption to the picture by the Defense of Ukraine is: Left alone. A dog that miraculously survived today’s attacks lies in the ruins of the house in which his owners died. 5 civilians were killed as a result of Russia’s missile strike in Zolochiv …

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