Sicilian Prince saves royal horse breed ‘Persano’ from extinction

Persano horse ridden by Prince Alduino who saved the breed from extinction

Ferrari’s prancing horse emblem was inspired by the Royal horse breed called the Persano. This is a breed known for its fighting spirit. But it almost died out completely; almost became extinct but has been saved by Sicilian Prince Prince Alduino Ventimiglia di Monteforte. Alduino …

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Wildlife conservation in the UK is in a dire state

We need more and better conservation

NEWS AND COMMENT: The Times today reports that one in six British species face extinction with some bright spots amid the gloom in respect of the Eurasian Beaver, Red Kite and Cartilage lichen. The environmental editor of the newspaper tells us that one in five …

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Human life extinct in 250m years max.

The world 250 million years from now

A lot of people think that humankind will likely be extinct well before the end of the next 250 million years. However, a new scientific research project published in the journal Nature Geoscience ran computer simulations to predict future climatic conditions and the positions of …

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