The moon is becoming polluted with human detritus

The moon is becoming polluted with human detritus and it will no doubt become worse over the next 30 or so years.

Unsatisfied with catastrophically polluting planet Earth by discharging billions of tons of plastic into the oceans and, equally, billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, humankind has turned its attention to the moon where after six manned missions exploring its surface they’ve left …

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If humankind can figure out a way to put 12 of us on the moon and bring them back safely to earth, we can solve anything

If humankind can figure out a way to put 12 of us on the moon and bring them back safely to earth we can solve anything

The words in the title come from Tom Hanks when he closes the inspiring film The Moonwalkers (50 mins). It gets a five star rating in The Times today and it’s being shown at the Lightroom NIC in King’s Cross, London. I think I will …

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Greenpeace stage dramatic protest at major oil conference in London and Greta is arrested

Thunberg arrested at a London protest

NEWS AND COMMENT: Greenpeace staged a dramatic protest in support of taking steps to curb global warming when they unfurled a massive banner on the Intercontinental London hotel hosting a meeting of high-profile oil executives. It’s is the annual Energy Intelligence Forum, with speakers including …

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Bad space weather throws Baltimore Oriole off route during migration

Baltimore oriole's navigation during migration is upset by bad space weather

“Bad space weather” refers to the sun spitting out vast globules of charged plasma towards planet Earth which has the power sometimes to knock out communication satellites and also the power to mess up the Baltimore Oriole’s navigation system when they migrate. I understand this …

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Human life extinct in 250m years max.

The world 250 million years from now

A lot of people think that humankind will likely be extinct well before the end of the next 250 million years. However, a new scientific research project published in the journal Nature Geoscience ran computer simulations to predict future climatic conditions and the positions of …

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