What is ecocide?

The blowing up of part of the Nova Kakhovka dam during the Ukraine war, which formed the Kakhovskyi reservoir – one of the largest in Europe – was an act of ecocide. The Sunday Times reports on it in their article, “The drowned earth strategy …

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Millions of dead fish blanket the Darling River, Australia due to climate change and mismanagement

Millions of dead fish blanket the Darling River in Australia due to mismanagement and climate change.

There is a pretty shocking photograph on the Internet today of millions of small dead fish blanketing the Darling River in western New South Wales which has clearly become uninhabitable. The fish species are herring, perch and carp for example. One local person, Graeme McCrabb …

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RSPCA ‘funny call-outs’

The 'dog' in question turned out to be a stuffed toy tiger that had been tied onto the bow of the boat

As you might expect, the RSPCA do, from time to time, receive some funny call-outs. They are funny but at the same time they take away a potential callout for a genuine incident where an animal needs their assistance. The RSPCA have released what they …

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