Labour party promises to eliminate foxhunting for good to win over rural voters

Labour vows to end foxhunting for good and win over rural voters when elected at the next general election

As a freethinking animal advocate, I am delighted to read that the Labour Party in the UK has promised to end foxhunting for good within its first term after the forthcoming general election which Labour is expected to win with a substantial majority. Polls indicate …

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American XL bully should be docile according to the co-founder of the breed

Dave Wilson the founder of the XL Bully is against the UK ban

On this page you will see a video from TikTok in which Dave Wilson, a co-founder of the American XL bully breed, makes it clear that he intended this breed to be docile. He selectively bred with other breeders a variety of dog breeds to …

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The Lords of England are against a ban on the importation of hunting trophies

Ban trophy hunting imports. The UK wants it to happen now.

NEWS AND VIEWS: This genuinely irritates me to my core. The UK government is trying to pass a law which bans the importation of hunting trophies as trophy hunting is cruel and an activity which is of a bygone age. It negatively impacts conservation in …

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Report that dog ear cropping increased by 621% over the last six years to 2020 in the UK

Ear-cropped Dobermann

The RSPCA tells us that there has been a 621% increase in the number of reports of dog ear cropping over the last six years to 2020. The Times newspaper also reports that in 2021 the RSPCA had 188 reports of dog ear cropping up …

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Fur sales to be banned when Britain leaves European law

NEWS AND OPINION: The law regarding the importation of animal fur into the UK is highly complicated. I know that the European Union banned cat and dog fur in around 2009. But I also know that animals are bred in captivity in the European Union …

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