British veterinarian tells the truth about 5 popular dog breeds

Ben the vet criticises 5 dog breeds

Ben the TikTok vet, makes it clear, quite rightly, at the outset that he is providing his personal viewpoint on these five dog breeds. He is playing safe which is fair enough. But when a veterinarian spells out the truth about five dog breeds – …

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Cats and dogs endure excessive medical treatment as their owners humanize them

Dog's birthday. Humanising companion animals

A modern trend which is gathering pace is that caregivers are treating their cat and dog companions as little humans and in doing so are far more inclined to put them through excessive medical treatment when the more humane choice would be to euthanise them. …

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Report that dog ear cropping increased by 621% over the last six years to 2020 in the UK

Ear-cropped Dobermann

The RSPCA tells us that there has been a 621% increase in the number of reports of dog ear cropping over the last six years to 2020. The Times newspaper also reports that in 2021 the RSPCA had 188 reports of dog ear cropping up …

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