Islamist pees on pork in Netherlands supermarket

Young Islamist pees on pork in a Dutch supermarket

The tweet on Twitter states: “Young Islamist in the Netherlands urinates on the pork section of a supermarket while his friend says: We don’t eat pork”

FACT CHECK: Having done a fact check a few days later I have found that this is almost certainly a prank video and there is no hard evidence that the man is a Muslim. Neither is there hard evidence that he urinated on pork in a supermarket as there have been no complains it seems. We just don’t know if this is real or a prank. I think it is a prank. His back is turned which indicates prank to me.

Here is the video on Twitter X:

So what can we make of this? These are my thoughts and opinions. I respect the opinions of others including the opinions and beliefs of Islamists even if I disagree with them; sometimes strongly.

But this act of urinating on pork in a supermarket in the Netherlands by a young Islamist is horrendously disprespectful of others. It is sickening actually. And he is probably an immigrant who is abusing his host country. If he is an immigrant his actions are doubly disrespectful and unacceptable.

And it has to be said that rejecting pork as a food is idiotic unless you are a vegetarian or vegan. Islamists don’t accept pork and the same goes from Jews because of some ancient tradition when it may have been true that pork was ‘unclean’. Not today. It is frankly an idiotic concept today.

This is another problem with religion. The various teachings of religious people in the Bible or the Koran were written many centuries ago when society was entirely different. They can’t be relied in to be good guidelines for living in the 21st century.

But Islamists religiously stick to the text of the Koran in a literal sense and that simple act can lead to terrorism and in this instance peeing on pork in a Dutch supermarket.

Geert Wilders, the politician with right-wing views who might become the prime minister of Holland will be more than motivated to kick this individual out of the country.

He wants zero immigration to the Netherlands or a much reduced level than is currently experienced. This disgusting video will renew his motivation to achieve that goal.

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