American veterinarian criticises fellow vets for dog ear crops and tail docks

Dr Mike Petty DVM

Dr. Mike Petty, DVM, is a highly qualified expert on the matter of post-operative animal pain management and pain management in general. He’s written a book about pain management in dogs and he lectures and consults on the topic. He knows what he is talking …

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Why people cry more for their dog than their husband or wife

Richard Coles

Richard Coles writing for The Sunday Times has made a very wise observation about the pain felt by the owner of a dog or cat on their passing. A lot of people realise that they cried more on the death of their dog or cat …

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Is Doberman ear cropping legal and how do they do it?

Is Doberman ear cropping legal?

This is a complicated question because the law varies on a country-by-country basis and there may be variations in the law at a state or perhaps county level in some countries such as the USA. In general terms, in the UK it is illegal for …

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Laughing gas leaves humans with spinal cord damage but is safely used to sedate animals

Laughing gas abused by humans causing serious nerve damage

For me, this is an interesting juxtaposition of how a gaseous chemical, nitrous oxide a.k.a. laughing gas can be used successfully on animals in veterinary clinics to sedate them safely but which is abused by humans to the point where it harms them seriously. It …

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