Vet nurse gave drugs for her dog to her friend to treat their husband

NEWS AND VIEWS: The Times reports that a veterinarian nurse, Melanie Herdman gave drugs intended for her dog to the husband of her friend and that she subsequently had an affair with the man. Her license to practice was suspended for three months by a disciplinary tribunal.

Melanie Herdman.
Melanie Herdman. Image: Facebook.

The vet’s friend (‘LC’) had asked Herdman for the drug to the ease pain suffered by her husband caused by an undisclosed illness.

The vet nurse delivered diazepam (Valium). Comment: this drug has uses in veterinary medicine and as we know it is also used to treat humans. It is a calming drug used sometimes to treat anxiety leading to depression.

So, I am not quite sure what the problem is in this instance. I suppose that the drugs were labelled for animal use.

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons got to hear about the misdeed because Herdman’s friend told them! She appears to have done this because Herdman had commenced an affair with her husband. It was an act of revenge and due to ‘sour grapes’ which she admitted.

LC admitted that she had asked Herdman for the treatment for her husband.

Herdman admitted that she had made a serious error and that it won’t happen again. The diazepam was being used at the time to treat her dog.

Comment: the reporting strongly indicates that this was a one-off minor error and that Herdman is a competent vet of decent standing.

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