Cannibalism in Stone Age Britain was a method to dispose of the dead

Cannibalism was commonplace in Britain during the Stone Age to dispose of the dead and it was also common in other countries. This was a cultural attitude and at that time cannibalism was not considered objectionable.

RESEARCH AND COMMENT: The Times reports that “cannibalism was widely practised” in Stone Age Britain and north-west Europe about 15,000 years ago according to a study. The interesting part of this study is that the researchers believe that cannibalism wasn’t about food and sustenance. It …

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The most famous picture of Nessie the Loch Ness monster is ridiculous and the recent ‘exciting photos’ are equally ridiculous!

Personally, I despair at the Loch Ness monster stories. They are clearly fictional and exaggerated. The Loch Ness Monster does not exist. It is just that people like to think that it might exist because it brightens up their lives. And I want to refer …

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Scientists have identified the genetic changes which altered our skeleton in our evolution from apes to humans

Accelerated evolution of genes controlling bones of great apes 2 million years ago leading to humans

This is not about the human-animal relationship which is the prime topic of this website but about the human-animal and our evolution from the great apes. Scientists at a number of institutions and universities – primarily Texas University and Columbia – have identified the genetic …

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Oceans are turning green due to global warming

Climate change is blamed as the oceans become greener and it is frightening

My title is slightly exaggerated because when you look at the oceans today, they still look blue and the change to a greener hue cannot be detected by the human eye because it is too subtle but the change has taken place over the past …

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Chinese researchers are growing deer antlers on mice as a model for studying organ regeneration

Growing antlers on mice in China in animal experiments

I was notified of this by Twitter. Thanks Twitter; although I’m now bombarded with unsettling and upsetting examples of the poor human-animal relationship. Too much animal abuse in the world I am afraid. This is one example. And unsurprisingly (sorry if that sounds racist or …

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Animal self-consciousness a.k.a. self-awareness should not be assessed by comparison to humans

Cat seeing themselves in a mirror and is unsure what is going on

Animal consciousness or animal self-consciousness (the same thing using a different description) is very complicated and it is an area of research in which science and philosophy intersect. They both play a role in assessing animal consciousness. Some websites like to list animals that have …

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Apes copied humans fighting at a Beijing zoo

Apes copy (imitate) human actions

OPINION: The story is that a group of visitors to a zoo in Beijing, China – the Beijing Wildlife Park – started to physically fight, including women as you can see in the infographic below. It was over a triviality but what is not trivial …

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