Scientists have identified the genetic changes which altered our skeleton in our evolution from apes to humans

Accelerated evolution of genes controlling bones of great apes 2 million years ago leading to humans

This is not about the human-animal relationship which is the prime topic of this website but about the human-animal and our evolution from the great apes. Scientists at a number of institutions and universities – primarily Texas University and Columbia – have identified the genetic …

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Gay men may be able to have a child of their own to whom they are both genetically related

A gay couple of men might be able to have a child to whom they are both genetically related

This is quite a provocative story for some people. For me it is just fine because I am a great believer in equality and inclusivity although I don’t agree with all that is going on in the woke movement. This story is about scientific research …

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Wolves howl, dogs howl less and some dog breeds hardly howl at all

Howling is hard-wired into ancient dog breeds but much less so in modern breeds

The dog population is made up of purebred and random bred dogs and hybrids. I don’t know the exact breakdown as it is unclear but there are far more purebred dogs than there are purebred cats as a percentage of the whole. And research indicates …

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