Cannibalism in Stone Age Britain was a method to dispose of the dead

Cannibalism was commonplace in Britain during the Stone Age to dispose of the dead and it was also common in other countries. This was a cultural attitude and at that time cannibalism was not considered objectionable.

RESEARCH AND COMMENT: The Times reports that “cannibalism was widely practised” in Stone Age Britain and north-west Europe about 15,000 years ago according to a study. The interesting part of this study is that the researchers believe that cannibalism wasn’t about food and sustenance. It …

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Scientists have identified the genetic changes which altered our skeleton in our evolution from apes to humans

Accelerated evolution of genes controlling bones of great apes 2 million years ago leading to humans

This is not about the human-animal relationship which is the prime topic of this website but about the human-animal and our evolution from the great apes. Scientists at a number of institutions and universities – primarily Texas University and Columbia – have identified the genetic …

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Hibernating bears don’t develop deep vein thromboses yet humans can develop one when flying economy class

Hibernating bear

The deep vein thrombosis does not trouble the hibernating bear. And yet, sometimes when humans take an economy class flight for a few hours they run the risk of developing a deep vein thrombosis. What is the difference between a bear and a human under …

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Infographic on ‘all humans weigh 18 times more than all wild mammals on land combined’

All humans weigh almost 18 times more than all wild animals on land combined

Note the astonishing headline and the interesting fact that domestic dogs weigh 20 times more than pet cats. Ants do well too! Livestock kept by humans and mammals that would not exist but for livestock such as rats have a combined weight of 630 million …

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Evolutionary leap in ancient ancestor of platypus paved way for existence of humans

Evolution of humans originates in single leap of evolution in an ancestor of the platypus

I have created an infographic which I hope explains the step-by-step evolutionary process that Professors John Martin and Paolo D’Avino of the University College London and at Cambridge (respectively) have hypothesized. Blood clotting is essential for life. Without it we would all die cutting ourselves …

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