3 steps to the end of your world: isolation, synchronised chaos and civil war

Three stages to anarchy

In The Times today, there’s an article with the title, “Four meals away from anarchy”. It jogged my memory because I watched a film yesterday, Leave the World Behind, which is currently in the news media and which stars one of my favourite actresses, Julia …

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Mountain lions fear humans which limits their use of space particularly for males

Puma fears humans and it negatively impacts their lives

Researchers from UC Santa Cruz have found that mountain lions are frightened of humans which badly affects their ecology. The ecology of a mountain lion refers to mountain lions’ relationship with their surroundings, other mountain lions and other animals (including humans). This fear of humans …

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Horses can tell when we are happy or sad by our facial expression and voice

Horses recognise when we are happy or sad

A scientific study recently published online conducted by researchers from the University of Turku in Finland, concluded that horses can distinguish between the human facial expressions of sadness and joy and they can combine that visual appreciation with the sound of our voice. The study …

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Retired man burned to death protecting his friend’s dog in the back of his car in the Hawaii wildfires

Trejos and Sam

You might have heard of the Hawaii wildfires. Specifically, they were on the island of Maui. They’ve claimed 96 lives so far. Jeff Bogar lived on the island. He is a retired Maui fire captain. His close friend was Franklin Trejos. All the accounts say …

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The real Beauty and the Beast – the ugly sport hunter

I have used the well-known title of a film to highlight the stark juxtaposition of this ugly sport hunter both in appearance and character against the beauty and innocence of the delicate and tiny antelope that he shot for his pleasure; a dik-dik. To me …

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Chasing a woman? You might be able to learn from blue tits!

Eurasian Blue tit

A study published in the journal Nature Communications authored by Javier Sierro discovered that the successful male blue tit chasing a female sex was persistent in repeating their call and also able to switch to a different tune and then repeat it consistently, too. There …

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