3 steps to the end of your world: isolation, synchronised chaos and civil war

Three stages to anarchy

In The Times today, there’s an article with the title, “Four meals away from anarchy”. It jogged my memory because I watched a film yesterday, Leave the World Behind, which is currently in the news media and which stars one of my favourite actresses, Julia …

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British kids are 7 centimetres shorter than Dutch kids – lazy feeding of kids and cats

Societal problems in the UK leading to kids being 7 cms shorter than Dutch kids

There is a shocking news story in The Times of June 21, 2023 which reports that five-year-olds in Britain are on average up to 7 cm shorter than their peers in other wealthy nations. Yes, young British kids are up to 7 cm shorter than …

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Bullies in animal and human society do better. Discuss.

Bullying chimps do best

You know that the world’s species – animals and humans – have been created on the back of the survival of the fittest as per Charles Darwin (unless you are one of the world’s creationists in which case, I feel sorry for you). Well, in …

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Voluntary state-administered mass euthanasia of the elderly will improve the planet and benefit wildlife

Plan 75

Celebrated actress Chieko Baishô plays an elderly woman who signs up for a government initiative encouraging senior citizens to be voluntarily euthanised to counter the challenges of a super-aged society. Plan 75 is a Japanese film which paints a plausible vision in the near future …

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Ricky Gervais thinks we live far too long and he can’t wait for humanity to be wiped out

Gervais and his cat

Watching Ricky Gervais talk on this chat show is quite uncomfortable. His comedy is uncomfortable. It is a mixture of seriousness and comedy. I find it hard to watch sometimes. I don’t find it particularly funny either. I think a lot of people would agree …

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Infographic on ‘all humans weigh 18 times more than all wild mammals on land combined’

All humans weigh almost 18 times more than all wild animals on land combined

Note the astonishing headline and the interesting fact that domestic dogs weigh 20 times more than pet cats. Ants do well too! Livestock kept by humans and mammals that would not exist but for livestock such as rats have a combined weight of 630 million …

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Chimpanzee gestures can be understood by fellow primates such as humans

Gestures by chimpanzees and bonobos can be understood by humans, a fellow great ape

Chimpanzees and bonobos use dozens of gestures to communicate with each other. They might be a request or an instruction. For example, as you can see in the Infographic below, a scratching movement across a chimpanzee’s torso means “please groom me”. Or a directed push …

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