3 steps to the end of your world: isolation, synchronised chaos and civil war

Three stages to anarchy

In The Times today, there’s an article with the title, “Four meals away from anarchy”. It jogged my memory because I watched a film yesterday, Leave the World Behind, which is currently in the news media and which stars one of my favourite actresses, Julia …

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Diva-demands are becoming more eco-friendly as they become eco-conscious

Bafta’s sustainability arm called ‘Albert’ found that the average big-budget film produced 2,840 tons of carbon dioxide (2020). Their report is being cited by film stars who want to see a change in the demands made by divas as they contribute to global warming. I’m …

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Tom Cruise denied access to Svalbard for filming with helicopters because of the polar bears

Svalbard polar bear capital of the world which Tome Cruise wants to exploit

Svalbard, Norway, is an Arctic Archipelago. It is said to be the polar bear capital of the world with a polar bear population of 3000 and the human population of 2700. Tom Cruise is filming the eighth instalment of Mission Impossible. It is called Mission: …

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