Dogs are the greatest thing in the world – Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais is sad to be parting company with his co-star, a female bicoloured, predominantly black, German Shepherd whose real name is Anti. She is being retired at the end of his Netflix black comedy series After Life. The series is the UK’s most popular comedy on the streaming service last year. It is the most watched British comedy in the world, in fact.

Ricky Gervais and Anti aka Brandy
Ricky Gervais and Anti aka Brandy. Photo: in public domain.

The Times newspapers said that Ricky Gervais was instrumental in hiring Anti for the series as a co-star. He saved her from a lifetime of playing a guard dog.

Anti’s name in the series is Brandy. Ricky said that he feels guilty in having to say goodbye to her because he knows that she won’t understand why she won’t be seeing him for a year. He is preparing to say goodbye to her for the final time.

She doesn’t know why she’s not going to see me for a year. Dogs are incredible, they do save lives literally and metaphorically. They’re great for grief, they understand emotion, they know when you’re sad. They guard us, they guide us, they give us security, they can smell cancer. They are the greatest things in the world. – Ricky Gervais

Anti’s owner said that when he cast her for the starring role she was normally seen as a vicious attack or police dog. She was typecast. She is pleased that her former image has been eradicated by the series.

Finally, Ricky Gervais makes it clear that Anti will not be killed off.

The dog does not die.

Ricky Gervais is a known animal lover. He lives with a Siamese cat called Ollie who has a dedicated Facebook page.

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