Russia guilty of ecocide in their illegal invasion of Ukraine

Destroyed trees Ukraine

A lot has been written about Russia’s murder of more than ten thousand innocent civilians (and 17,000 injured) as a consequence of their illegal invasion of Ukraine when shelling and bombing apartment blocks for instance or through individual executions. And their forced deportation of children …

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12 million in the UK to go on a weight-loss drug to side-step the need for self-discipline

Self-discipline is missing in 21st century Britain

An effective weight-loss drug sidesteps the need for self-discipline to eat less and therefore promotes more self-indulgence. I see Wegovy as being a step in the wrong direction as it will also discourage daily walking as a form or exercise and to improve mental health. …

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Listening rather than looking at wildlife to better understand what’s going on

Listening to wild animals to better understand biodiversity

This is an interesting project which helps people to better understand wildlife, biodiversity and the impact that humans are having upon it. Essentially, Drs Johatan Klaminder and Sarab Sethi have assembled technology such as the compact Raspberry Pi computer, wireless connectivity, machine learning and microphones …

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Brian May, the Queen guitarist, fights for hedgehogs against planning application by Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury's Guildford surrounded by woodland were there are hedgehogs

NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENT): Sainsbury’s have put in a planning application to extend their Guildford superstore. The extension encroaches on woodland around the store where hedgehogs are often seen. The woods also serves as habitat for bats, birds and other precious wildlife. Brian May, the …

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