What would happen without pollinators? The humble moth is an unsung pollinating hero!

Moths are important pollinators

When people think of pollinators they normally think of bees. That’s because we enjoy seeing them in the daytime pollinating plants. But bees are under stress from insecticides and industrial farming. The numbers are falling. Without the pollination of bees all the plants that they …

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Voluntary state-administered mass euthanasia of the elderly will improve the planet and benefit wildlife

Plan 75

Celebrated actress Chieko Baishô plays an elderly woman who signs up for a government initiative encouraging senior citizens to be voluntarily euthanised to counter the challenges of a super-aged society. Plan 75 is a Japanese film which paints a plausible vision in the near future …

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Putin has a higher regard for animal life than human life. Discuss.

Ukrainian woman cries for the loss of her husband in the war

This is an article in which animals become humans and humans become animals. It’s a topsy-turvy, upside-down world and it all comes from Russia courtesy Mr Vladimir Putin. The Moscow Times, on December 31, 2018 reported that Russia had introduced animal welfare laws which outlawed …

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