Infographic on ‘all humans weigh 18 times more than all wild mammals on land combined’

All humans weigh almost 18 times more than all wild animals on land combined

Note the astonishing headline and the interesting fact that domestic dogs weigh 20 times more than pet cats. Ants do well too! Livestock kept by humans and mammals that would not exist but for livestock such as rats have a combined weight of 630 million …

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Freshwater fish suffer catastrophic decline due to dams

Beluga sturgeon in rapid decline because of dam building for electrical power for humans

Because of dam building, freshwater fish are in catasrophic decline. It is more black nature news. David Attenborough recently said that we should try and present some good, optimistic news about nature and the environment. I agree because nature news is not all bad but …

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Acid seas makes the shells of mussels weaker

California mussels

A study titled: Shell mineralogy of a foundational marine species, Mytilus californianus, over half a century in a changing ocean, researched the effect, over a long period of time, of the gradual acidification of the oceans on the strength and construction (general make up) of …

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Is climate change causing failed pregnancies in humpback whales?

Humpback whale breaching

A survey has found that the calving rate of humpback whales in the Gulf of St Lawrence off Canada has halved in the past 15 years. It is believed that this might be caused by warmer water due to climate change. This is because female …

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