The beauty of the UK is being despoiled, polluted and destroyed at an unprecedented rate

Packham's march in central London

The beauty of Geat Britain is in its landscape and in its nature; the wildlife. This green and pleasant land is so often no longer green and pleasant. And the UK government has done far too little to protect the UK’s wildlife. We are in …

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Couple in love take selfie in crazily polluted river clogged with rubbish

Couple take selfie in the Ganges

Well, what do you make of these photos? They are shocking and they are no doubt meant to shock. They are excellent quality and very clever because I believe that they are excellent examples of photo-editing. Their validity is helped by the fact that it …

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Tire preservative chemical responsible for killing returning salmon

Tire chemical washed into streams

Puget Sound, Seattle, Washington, USA: Researchers have discovered that a formerly unknown chemical, 6PPD, in vehicle tires (tyres) which preserves them from ground level ozone, ends up killing salmon in streams. Bits if tire are thrown off tires due to wear and tear. Rain water …

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