Let’s remember Lolita, the orca held in captivity for 50 years who died just before her release


I would like to remember Lolita, the orca held in captivity for 50 years. She was due to be released into the ocean but instead she suddenly passed away. She never saw the ocean again. Her birthright, her habitat, her place to live from where …

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Oceans are turning green due to global warming

Climate change is blamed as the oceans become greener and it is frightening

My title is slightly exaggerated because when you look at the oceans today, they still look blue and the change to a greener hue cannot be detected by the human eye because it is too subtle but the change has taken place over the past …

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At $24,000 per pound this sperm whale grease is 16 times more valuable than gold

Sperm whale ambergris

It is mysteriously called ‘ambergris’. It is very rare hence its value. It is also called ‘ambergrease’ or ‘grey amber’. It is solid, waxy and flammable and it resides in 1-5% of the digestive tracts of sperm whales. It is formed by the secretion of …

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Comparison in size blue whale to elephant (infographic)

Comparison in size blue whale to elephant

This is a visual representation of the difference in size between a blue whale and an African elephant. It has to be approximate. The existing illustrations online are a little vague and some are possibly misleading. On my estimate and research elephants are around 4 …

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Ancient mythical sea monsters were based on a real whale feeding technique

Trap-feeding humpback whale

Humpback, minke and some baleen whales engage in trap feeding otherwise known as tread-water feeding. Fables recorded in ancient tales of sea monsters are likely to be based upon this feeding technique. More than 2,200 years ago, Greek scholars described how an enormous predator, so …

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