Comparison in size blue whale to elephant (infographic)

This is a visual representation of the difference in size between a blue whale and an African elephant. It has to be approximate. The existing illustrations online are a little vague and some are possibly misleading.

On my estimate and research elephants are around 4 meters to 5.5 meters long excluding the extended truck and extended tail. The blue whale can be around 100 feet in length at a maximum which is 33 meters. 30 meters (whale) divided by 5 meters (elephant) is 6. The blue whale is about 6 times the length of the elephant at a rough calculation.

I have used this calculation to create the image below. Comments would be welcome. Obviously both whales and elephants vary in length and size but this is a starting point comparing a large elephant and a blue whale.

Comparison in size blue whale to elephant
Comparison in size blue whale to elephant. Image infographic by MikeB at PoC

Below is one article on the whale and another on the elephant. There are more on both animal species on this site. Please explore using the search facility.

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